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Game play for Guess With Friends - Bible is similar to a version of Bible Taboo, and can be used by Christian groups, churches and familes for hours of fun.

Look for this in the Android Market and the iTunes App Store (coming soon).

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The easy category has guess words such as Prophet, David and Meek, while the hard category has guess words such as Brimstone, Damascus and Multitude. How well do you know the Bible?

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You can select and play different categories depending on the crowd you are playing with, even turning off the Biblical guess words to play with standard guess words such as Table and Automobile. In the settings menu, you can select the category or categories you wish to play and the skill level (see screenshot). There are over 1,200 cards to play! You will enjoy playing all of these great words with friends.

Other features include:


This game is not associated with Hasbro's Taboo product, and is not specifically a Bible Taboo app.

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